Weaning from the Pacifier before 12 Months

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Is It possible to wean a 10 month old baby from using a pacifier?
Yes, it absolutely is and it doesn’t have to be hard or produce lots of tears.

After successfully weaning Blake from his pacifier before he hit two, we have now done again and this time was even easier than the last!

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Why Did We Choose Weaning from the Pacifier So Early?

Despite being weaned from his pacifier and not using one for months, Blake had been sneaking Raelynn’s pacifiers upon waking up. He would only steal them in the morning time while still sitting in his bed. Once we walked in the room he would quickly toss them or hide them and say sorry.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to have them yet he kept taking them. Since they share a room it was becoming a bit of a struggle and challenge to find ways to keep him from getting the pacifiers in the morning.

Raelynn has bee such an easy-going baby from the start and rarely fusses so, we figured we might as well see if we could wean her from her pacifier.

What Steps Did We Take in Weaning off the Pacifier?

Unlike Blake, Raelynn was not SUPER attached to her pacifier. I think this is due to her easy demeanor but it could also be because we didn’t give it to her as much as we did with Blake. She basically only used it when sleeping and some while awake it she seemed a little clingy or needy.

Much like we did with Blake, I decided to take the pacifier away during the waking hours and only let her sleep with it at night.

From day one on she acted completely fine and it really only took one day to break her of daytime usage. If she fussed while playing or sitting then I simply let her fuss it out and figure out how to calm herself. If she wouldn’t calm (which didn’t happen) then I would pick her up to comfort her then place her back down.

Once I realized she was fine with no daytime use I decided to start limiting the number I gave her during naps and bedtime.

Tackling Sleep Time Usage of the Pacifier

When I do any kind of sleep transition I try to bring Raelynn back to our room to sleep in her pack-n-play (where she naps anyway). I do this since her and Blake share a room. If there is potential to lose sleep then I would way rather have one child lose sleep than two. 

So, we moved Raelynn to our room to start her sleep time weaning from the pacifier. And, to give Blake a pacifier detox since he wouldn’t be able to steal the pacifiers

I started by only allowing 5 of her like 10 in with her for the first nap. I also didn’t put the pacifier in her mouth like I usually did. She was simply laid her in bed and I let decide if she wanted to find the pacifiers. She found them and took them but hardly cried. Honestly, she might have cried for a minute.

For her second nap I knocked the pacifiers down to just two and once again I didn’t put them in her mouth. She fell asleep without them in her mouth and barely made a sound!

For bedtime I decided to only allow her to have one pacifier and once again did not put it in her mouth. She made some noise and fussed for a bit but ended up falling asleep like normal. A lot of times at night she likes to talk herself (and her brother) to sleep.

The next day I decided since she had done so well to keep up with the pace she was setting. I didn’t leave a single pacifier in her crib or pack-n-play all day. She fussed for about a minute each time but then would fall right to sleep. 

Weaned in 3 Days!

I couldn’t believe it took us 3 days to be pacifier free! With Blake it was a slower weaning process of every day or so making changes. Raelynn once again proved to be an easy baby. My unicorn baby as I like to call her since they don’t exist.

If you would like to see Blake’s weaning process check it out here

Have you noticed a difference in how your kids handle transitions? Let me know in the comments below.

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