We Got a Butler: Review of Eufy Robot Vacuum

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Do you hate vacuuming as much as I do? I don’t particularly enjoy vacuuming so we figured it was time to get a butler.

 He arrived in a timely fashion and we greeted his slim figure into our home. 

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His name is Geoffrey (like G in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and he is a RoboVac from Eufy by Anker.

Best Robot Vacuum for you Home

I was extremely skeptical and hesitant to jump on the robot vacuum band wagon. I was so against the idea of one that I turned one down as a potential Christmas gift.

Say what?!?

I had a whole list of reasons why it was a terrible idea

  • We aren’t lazy people. I know how to clean
  • We won’t use it cause I already clean daily
  • They are too expensive when I could easily do it myself
  • I’ll have to constantly be watching it to empty it and get it unstuck
  • It will fall down our stairs
  • I don’t want to be one of THOSE people
  • It’s round…how in the world could it possible clean the corners

You name it and I probably said it as a reason to stay away.

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What changed my mind to purchase a robot vacuum?

First, I had seen Courtney over at The Simple Mom Blog use hers (hers is a Shark IQ) and she raved about it. I actually got to see it in action on her Instagram and was able to ask her some questions about its functionality as someone who cleans a lot.

Second, our pastor’s family had one and he shared how he too had been skeptical about purchasing one. He shared some of the same sentiments I had voiced to Hunter. I was swayed after he shared his honest thoughts since purchasing one.

So, here I am in humility to eat all of my words and share an honest review of the Eufy RoboVac 30C. I LOVE Geoffrey now and regret not getting a robot vacuum sooner.

Why Eufy?

Eufy robovac was the one we were able to see in person. It is also cheaper than its competitors by at least $50 to $100. It had wonderful reviews online so we decided to try it out.

Eufy Robot Vacuum 30C in box

Where to Purchase a Eufy Robot Vacuum?

We found our robot vacuum on Amazon and purchased it with Prime shipping. It arrived within 2 days and we immediately put it hard to work.

How the Eufy Robot Vacuum Works

This robot vacuum does what most like it do…it vacuums on its own without assistance from you. That means you can turn it on via the app, remote or through your Google Home/Alexa device. It will run and clean as you have specified until everything has been cleaned or the battery dies.

The vacuum comes with 4 cleaning settings and 1500PA suction which is pretty impressive for something so small. It is also very thin compared to its competitors so it can fit under a lot of couches and cabinets.

It can clean hardwoods and medium pile carpet. We have hardwoods and carpet on two of our floors. I am amazed by how well it cleans between both. It increases suction as it goes onto carpet so that it can get a good clean in

The vacuum has 2 little brushes that rotate as it vacuums to ensure it gets all the debris from every corner of the house. This was one of the areas I was skeptical about but has turned out to be the most impressive to me.

It also has strips that you can place in rooms as a barrier to ensure that it only vacuums where you want it. We haven’t had to use these yet. It does so well with knowing where ledges and stairs are. It has yet to even fall off!

Eufy 30C Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Negatives of the RoboVac

It occasionally can get stuck and needs assistance. The battery life is lower. We can get one floor cleaned per charge (approximately 900 sqft). It does a phenomenal job and usually cleans a whole floor before needing a charge.

Why Buy a RoboVac?

If you are like me and you hate vacuuming then this is the perfect item for you! My floors are probably cleaner than when I was vacuuming myself because now Geoffrey does it multiple times a day.

I have gotten lazier with my vacuuming but that is because I am truly impressed and satisfied by the job well done. Having a robot vacuum has freed up a lot of time for me as well and I’m able to clean things that I wasn’t before.

We are so pleased with our Eufy RoboVac 30C that we bought the Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid that mops!! I will have a review of that one once I get some good use out of it.

Interested in Purchasing Your Own RoboVac?

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  1. Alice@MommytoMom

    This would be great to have right now to help with all of the extra cleaning from being home so much!

    1. Morgan P

      It has been a huge help during this time of extra cleaning. I run it every day! My floors are so clean and I now have extra time!

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