Star Wars Day: Fun Family Activities

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Star Wars is one of those classics that, passes through time and space, connecting every generation.

The beauty of Star Wars is the generational bond of fun and adventure it brings and has brought for years!

I don’t know about y’all but we love us some Star Wars!

We joked that Raelynn should have been born on May the 4th since our nickname for her is Rae.

Perfect Family Fun Star Wars Day with star wars toys

We make it a family event to go see any new Star Wars movie and eagerly awaited the arrival of Mandalorian on Disney+.

So, it only seemed fitting that we have a fun time with Star Wars Day or May the 4th Be With You.

To share the love of Star Wars and provide a fun COVID-19 activity we are making it a week of Star Wars Fun.

Here are some ideas to get you started on how to celebrate May the 4th Be With You this year!

Throw a themed party

Go crazy with it! Have Obi-Wan Kebobies, Yoda Soda, Chewie Cookies, Han-burgers and anything else you can think of. Pinterest is your best friend for this! We will be making the above mentioned foods and having a blast with it! 

Check out my Pinterest Board titled May the 4th Be with You for all things Star Wars

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Have a Lightsaber battle

Lightsaber duels are a common thing in our household and will definitely be part of the plan for our awesome party.

If you don’t have lightsabers you can always make some with toliet paper rolls, sticks that you painted or once again scour Pinterest for other ideas.

We have several lightsabers that we have purchased or had handed down from seasoned “Jedi” in the family.

Movie Marathon

We own all the movies so it won’t be a challenge at all to watch the movies over a span of days for us. However, if you don’t have the movies then go get a Disney+ subscription and watch to your heart’s content!

Watch them chronologically or in the order they were made but either way have fun doing it! This would be a good time to break out the Chewie Chocolate Chip Cookies or Wookie Cookies.

Star Wars Themed Craft Time

Blake and I spent the week leading up making different crafts in honor of Star Wars. Pinterest is, as always, your best friend with ideas here.

Some of the crafts we did include: Wookie Handprints, Paperplate BB-8 and Yoda Headband.

You can also make lightsabers and color Star Wars themed color sheets. Whatever you decide, have fun doing it together and sharing your love of Star Wars with a new generation.

More Star Wars Day Family Fun

Looking for even more Star Wars fun? Check out what Emily at The Crispy Family is doing with her kids.

She has lots of fun activities and ideas to continue the festivities. Her make-a-lightsaber idea is pretty awesome and definitely worth checking out.

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are endless and the fun continuous! We have several Star Wars books that we will read to the kids as well as probably show them Star Wars themed cartoon episodes.

Blake will of course continue to duel anyone and anything with his lightsabers, Raelynn will most likely play with her Rey plush and I will sip coffee from my BB-8 Mug. 

May the 4th Be with You this year as you celebrate Star Wars Day!

How are you celebrating Star Wars Day?

Interested in seeing how we celebrate Star Wars Day? Check out my Instagram to see the festivities unfold and get more ideas

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