Simple DIY Fall Crafts For Toddlers

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Fall is almost upon us and I’m so excited!! I love each season as they come but fall brings something special with it. This year we are kicking off the fall season in our house with lots of easy fall crafts for kids.

10+ Toddler Fall Crafts. Scarecrow, colorful tree and tissue paper wreath.

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Blake and Raelynn are finally getting to an age where we can make lots of fun fall themed crafts! It is so exciting watching them grow and learn through activities. I created an easy-to-follow list of crafts to do for the fall season with your kids. 

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*Crafting Mom Tip*

After doing countless crafts with kids I have found that The Dollar Tree is a treasure trove of crafting items for Moms! I buy my craft supplies in bulk from them and you can’t beat the fact that it’s cheap!

Lego Stamped Corn:

How cute is this idea from Crafty Morning for a toddler craft. We have lots of Legos (our favorite LEGO Duplo set) on hand and use them often for crafts, learning and play. Check out this amazing little craft here.

Sensory Leaf Painting:

We love all things sensory activities. When I saw this adorable sensory leaf painting activity on Pinterest I simply had to add it to my list of crafts to try. Check out the activity from Kids Craft Room here.

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Hand-print Leaves:

Grab some paper or a canvas and paint your little ones hands vibrant reds, yellows, greens and browns. Place their hand down on the paper and let dry. Once dry use brown paint to add the leaf outline. These little handprint leaves will be an adorable keepsake.

Tissue Paper Fall Tree:

Tissue Paper Tree Fall Craft

This is such a fun craft for a kid who is active and likes lots of movement while doing crafts (This is totally Blake). Grab some tissue paper in fall colors and have your toddler rip them up into pieces. Cut brown construction paper into a tree trunk and some branches. Glue the branches and trunk onto a piece of paper. Then glue the ripped up tissue paper onto the tree as colorful fall leaves. You could also just draw a tree trunk with branches.

Footprint Turkey:

One of my favorite fall holidays is Thanksgiving so one of the crafts we have on our list is a craft and Thanksgiving decoration.

Grab a Plate (glass or plastic like) and put some brown paint on your toddler’s foot. Place their foot on the plate (this is the body of the turkey). On their heel portion add some eyes and a little beak. At their toe area add 2 little turkey legs. Then add feathers (you can paint them or add real feathers) around the head and body of the turkey. Voila! You now have a cute craft and décor item!!

Apple Stamping:

This craft is great for teaching the letter A and can be used as a fall craft and activity. Cut your apple in half, grab some red paint and let your toddler use the apple as a stamp. I let the kids just let the creative juices flow with this one. I give them a piece of paper and let them stamp away their creations. You could add orange paint and turn them into little pumpkins too!

Skeleton Qtip Craft:

I am not a huge fan of Halloween but I don’t mind making it fun for the kids. This craft is great to add to a learning theme for their body too! Check out how to create a little skeleton craft for your toddler here.

Decorate a Pumpkin:

Carving Pumpkins is such a fun fall activity but it can get messy with toddlers. In order to keep the pumpkin decorating fun going I have a craft for you.

Cut out some orange construction paper in the shape of a pumpkin. Add a little brown stem and leaf. Then give your toddler glitter glue, paint, washi tape, googly eyes and anything else you can think of. Let them decorate their pumpkin just the way they want. We will be hanging ours up on the fridge or in the window for display.

Paper Plate Scarecrow:

I love paper plate crafts because they are cheap, easy and fun. Turn a paper plate into a little scarecrow by adding yellow/brown yarn for the hair, googly eyes, and cut some construction paper for a hat, use a button for the nose. Ta-da! You now have a cute little scarecrow to hang up.

Paper Plate Wreath:

Another paper plate craft coming at you! Gather some tissue paper again and let your little one rip it up (or use leftovers from the previous craft). Cut out the center or your paper plate (creating a wreath base). Let your toddler glue the tissue paper around the edge of the paper plate. Now, you have a cute fall wreath they can hang on their bedroom door (It can be your front door but…it won’t look too pretty lol).

DIY Bird Feeder

My kids love watching birds fly around the house so this craft is going to be fun for them! Grab some string, and old toilet paper roll, bird seed and peanut butter. Spread the peanut butter over the toilet paper roll and roll it in the seeds. Tie the string/yarn through the roll and hang up for the birds to enjoy

Have Fun and Enjoy!

These are our top fall crafts for kids that we will be doing this year to bring in the fall season. I am so excited for all the fall activities we get to share with the kids.

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