Room Sharing Success with Toddler & Baby

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It’s official!

Blake has a new roommate…his little sister Raelynn has officially transitioned into her crib in their bedroom.

I never would have thought that moving a 5 month old and an almost 2 year old into the same room would be so easy! But having our baby and toddler room sharing has been one of the best decisions yet!

You might be thinking can a baby and toddler really share a room?

The answer is absolutely YES!! Whether you have plenty of rooms for each kid or just one room I would say let your kids room share. It is such an amazing experience and I am thrilled to let you know how we did it.

How To Room Share with a Baby & toddler

I just knew the room sharing process would be a nightmare. I thought I would have to sleep train Raelynn and that it would be nights of crying. Now don’t get me wrong the first night wasn’t great. But that’s all it took…one night!! 

Research, Research and More Research!

Before I moved Raelynn into the room with Blake I did countless hours of research (aka searched Pinterest and Google for any sliver of information). I had in my mind that it was going to be a tough transition and that they would wake each other up all night long.

I envisioned my perfectly sleeping baby turning into a wakeful monster who needed to be nursed back to sleep. Boy was I dead WRONG!

As with most things I decided I would give it 3 nights minimum and 1 week maximum to see if the plan worked. Now as I had done my research I hadn’t had much luck on finding results for room sharing with a toddler and baby.

Most of the stuff I found the toddler was older than 2 or both kids were older. I kinda went into this blindly not knowing what would happen. If my plan didn’t work after a week I planned to stop and try again in a month.

That’s the beauty of room sharing…there are no rules!

You can move them into a room together whenever and if it doesn’t work then simply keep the baby in the room with you and try again in a month. Thankfully, that was not the case for us.

Prepping the Toddler for Room Sharing

I have found that despite only being 2, Blake does well when we explain big changes to him (like we did when he weaned off his pacifier). We decided we wanted to move Raelynn into the room before Blake hit 2.

We had already weaned off the pacifier so he would be on his own when it came to soothing back to sleep. I had faith that he was capable of doing it but figured it wouldn’t be easy for him. For the week leading up to the big move I would tell Blake every night at bedtime that Raelynn would be moving in with him soon.

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Tip for Room Sharing Success: Stick to the Bedtime Routine

The big night came and we went through our usual bedtime routine with both kiddos. I decided to nurse Raelynn in the bedroom while Blake sat out in the living room reading books with Dad.

We did this so that Raelynn could drift to sleep first and Blake would feel like more of a special big boy being allowed to stay up late. We let Blake stay up for 10 to 20 minutes after putting Raelynn to sleep. 

Room Sharing Tips for Baby & Toddler with Crib in background

Room Sharing: Night One

Night one was rough! I really had my doubts about whether I had made the right decision.

To start night one I nursed Raelynn in the bedroom. Then we read the Bible to Blake out in the living room and prayed with him. We told him he had to be extra quiet cause Raelynn was sleeping in the room with him. We took him into the room and put him in his bed. Blake cried out for me as soon as I shut the door. I held my breath waiting for him to wake Raelynn but she slept right through it. Blake fell asleep after about 10 minutes.

I thought wow that was easy let’s hope this works. 

Raelynn woke up at 2:30 AM and when I went in to reinsert her pacifier Blake woke up. He only cried for 5 minutes and I thought that wasn’t so bad.

Then it happened!

Raelynn woke up crying again at 3:15 AM and kept refusing her pacifier. Blake was awake every time I went in and cried off and on the rest of the night. I ended up bringing Raelynn to our room at 4 AM.

I had to nurse her to get her to sleep. She slept on my chest all night because she couldn’t settle in her pack n’ play. It was a very sleepless first night for everyone to say the least. 

I woke up exhausted and feeling defeated. I thought if it is like this every night we are going to all be miserable. But I had said I would try it for at least 3 nights so I knew I needed to stick it out.

Room Sharing: Night Two and On

From night two on it was seamless and easy! We got both kids ready, nursed Raelynn, read and prayed with Blake then put him to bed. He cried out for me again but Raelynn slept right on through and he fell asleep quickly.

Raelynn woke a couple times but took her pacifier and went back to sleep easily. Blake would wake when I came in the room but only cried for maybe 5 minutes before falling back to sleep.

The Results Today

Now, if Raelynn wakes and can’t settle Blake sleeps right through it. It is almost as if Blake has become a deeper sleeper since she has moved in with him. I can go in the room and even nurse her when she’s having a rough night due to teething! He doesn’t budge at all! I go in an get her up every morning before he wakes and he sleeps right through it all! Can I get an amen!!

What About Naps??

For naps I keep them separated still and may eventually move them in together for naps down the road. It is just easier to have them separated so that Blake can still play in the room while Raelynn naps.

Right now Raelynn sleeps in our room in her pack n’ play for all of her naps. However, while traveling, we don’t have many options for them to nap separately for their one overlapping nap.

I was nervous that they would wake each other since their sleep desire isn’t as strong during naps. But, I was able to lay both of them down in their pack n’ plays and they didn’t wake each other at all! They slept straight through each other talking, crying and waking before the other over the several days we were away from home.

Baby Crib in room for Room sharing with Toddler sibling
Raelynn’s crib all set up to room share with Blake

I’m Happy! They’re Happy! Everyone’s Happy!

Overall, the process went way better than I expected and I am so glad we moved Raelynn in while she was still so young. It is so nice having them share a room and watching their bond grow. As they get a little older we plan to move them into their own rooms and that will be a bridge to cross for another day. 

Are you interested in more room sharing tips? Check out my post, 8 Sibling Room Sharing Tips to Make it Work. You will find even more advice on how to make this process as smooth as possible

Do you have kids that share a room? What has been the outcome of your room sharing experience? Let me know in the comments below. If you have anymore questions about room sharing feel free to email me at or follow and message me on Instagram

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  1. Amy

    How old was the youngest? Brother was 22-23 m? Baby girl was hoe old?

    1. Morgan P

      She was right around 5 months old 🙂 Great question!

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