Perfect Gift Guide for a Toddler Girl (more than toys)

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I never thought that I would have so much fun buying and giving gifts for a toddler girl but here we are.

I love buying my daughter all the perfect little girl gifts but it can get overwhelming (especially when they have so much stuff!). That’s why I put together this gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for that toddler girl in your life.

20+ gift ideas for a toddler girl

I have chosen gifts that are toys, educational and experiences that are suited for girls 1 to 3 years old! Don’t stress over the gift buying this year because I’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas. All you have to do is the buying! Sounds too good to be true but it is!

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If you are also looking for the perfect gift for a toddler boy then be sure to check out this post. You may notice some overlap in the gift ideas and that is a guaranteed way that you know you have found a gift that will stand the test of time and be one of longevity to pass along as they grow.

Playing House Gifts for a Toddler Girl

Kitchen Sink & Dish Set

This is the coolest concept ever! This sink operates with a small electric pump that allows the faucet to have running water. It is such a fun toy to play house with and comes with dishes and a dish drying rack. We love playing with ours outside or even in an empty bathtub! 

Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set

This cute little cleaning set allows your toddler to get creative as she cleans around the house with you. What I love most about this set is the fact it is wooden and holds up really well. Honestly, even Blake loves playing with this and often both kids will “help” me with chores because of this set.


Every toddler girl loves to pretend she is grown in her own little house with this adorable playhouse. Open up a world of fun for your toddler girl as she creates new fantasies in her own little home! The best thing about this playhouse is that it can grow with her as she ages out of her toddler years too!

Big Toys for Your Toddler Girl

Balance Bike

If you have never heard of a balance bike then you NEED to check this out! This is one of my absolute favorite toddler gifts! It is amazing for teaching kids how to balance and ride a bike at a young age. Blake started using his at 2 and Raelynn will join in as soon as she gets taller (she’s tiny).

Ride On Truck

What toddler doesn’t love a powered vehicle to ride on? Both of my kids love anything that they can drive around themselves. This adorable pink vehicle is great for any toddler girl gift and comes with a parent remote too! Win-win for everyone!

Dolls and Accessories

Plush Princess Castle Doll Set

This plush set is absolutely adorable for any toddler girl as a gift! It comes with a cute castle carrying case and unicorn. It is the perfect gift for your little princess to enjoy! 

Princess Castle: Plush Playset for Kids

Baby Doll with Stroller

Every little toddler girl needs a baby doll and this set is just perfect. It comes with everything a baby would need and make a great little gift for any girl! 

Baby Doll Accessory Bundle

This bundle is just adorable and includes a high chair, crib, bath and other doll accessories. This is the perfect gift addition for your little girl and her baby doll. 

Educational Toys

Melissa & Doug Daily Calendar

This toy is great for toddlers as they begin to learn their days of the week, months of the year and as a visual schedule. I love our calendar and the opportunity it provides to grow with us as the kids get bigger. It is magnetic and dry erase so you can add in details to your calendar.

Melissa & Doug Letter Puzzle

These self-correcting letter puzzles are great as toys and educational tools for your little girl! She will love learning how to piece the puzzle together as she learns her letters too! I love the wooden durability of Melissa & Doug toys!

Wooden City Building Blocks

Both of my kids have loved building with blocks of all kinds. This set is perfect for a toddler girl’s imagination as she builds her little city and plays. The best part is the blocks are wooden and durable!

Disney Princess Toddler Girl Gift Ideas

Disney Princess Bed Sheets

Turn every night into one filled with dreams of a princess with these bedsheets! This sheet and pillow case set are made for a toddler bed and will have your little girl thrilled beyond her dreams!

Disney Plush Princess Dolls

Raelynn has the Rapunzel plush doll and loves playing, cuddling and watching Tangled with her. She is so soft and cute which makes these plush princess dolls a great toddler girl gift! Collect all the princesses your little girl loves!

Disney Princess PJ Set

Every Christmas we have started the tradition of buying the kids a set of pajamas that they get to open on Christmas Eve and wear. These princess pjs will make any little princesses dreams come true as she snuggles up. 

Disney Princess Activity Tote

I don’t know about your toddler but my two love to color and play with stickers. If you have a little toddler girl who is artistic then this is the perfect gift for her. It comes with tons of coloring activities and a cute tote too. 

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Books for Toddler Girls

Goodnight Princess

This bedtime book is perfect for the little toddler girl who loves to be a princess. It is a cute read and perfect for a blissful bedtime read!

Moana Sound Book

I love sound books for the kids because they make reading come alive and interactive. Moana is such a fun movie and one of our Disney+ favorites. Let your little girl sing along and have fun as she reads about Moana!

Disney Board Book Bundle

This fun set of board books comes with 12 books that offer cute stories about Disney characters. Read about Elsa, Ariel, Belle and more with this amazing board book bundle. 

Experiences for Toddler Girls

As an alternative to toys, I love when we can gift experiences to our toddlers. Memories from experiences last a lifetime and are some of my favorite gifts to give and receive.

Zoo Park Pass

Our kids have loved visiting the zoo so much! It is such a fun and exciting experience for toddlers to see new and exotic animals. A lot of zoos also have great experiences to feed the animals and interact with them.

Tickets to a local Ballet or Dance Show

Little girls love all things dance and ballerinas. A lot of towns (yes, even small towns like where we live) offer ballets and dance shows. I remember as a little girl attending dances and ballets and loving the magic and beauty behind it. It was always so much fun to dress up and have an evening out to have a magical night. 

Getting Her Ears Pierced

We got Raelynn’s ears pierced as a baby but I know several friends who wait till their girls are toddlers to do this. Claire’s is a wonderful place to go get your toddler girl’s ears pierced. They are very professional, clean and amazing with children. We were very pleased with our experience and highly recommend them. Earrings are also a great gift for the little girl who has her ears pierced!

I hope this list has helped you narrow down some gifts to get your toddler girl or at least given you some ideas. I have loved buying little girl gifts much more than I ever thought I would.

What are your favorite toddler girl gifts? Let me know in the comments below!

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