How to Throw a Paw Patrol Party on a Budget for a Boy

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Do you have a little one in your house who loves Paw Patrol? I know we do! We just celebrated Blake’s 3rd birthday and at his request we chose a Paw Patrol theme.

Paw Patrol is a huge hit with both Blake and Raelynn! They love watching those pups go on adventures as they both shout, “Go! Go! Go!” I enjoy the lessons Paw Patrol teaches them about teamwork and helping others so, it’s a win-win for everyone. 

10+ Budget Friendly Paw Patrol Birthday Ideas

This year was the first year that I gave 2 choices for party theme that I knew he would like and let him choose his theme. He chose between dinosaurs and Paw Patrol. I knew he would probably choose Paw Patrol so it came as no surprise when he did.

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Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget

Anytime we plan a birthday for our kids we go into it with a few things in mind. We want it to be on the budget friendly side, fun for our kids, easy to plan and execute and includes family & friends.

The first thing I do is to choose a theme and begin creating a Pinterest board. It helps to plan a budget friendly birthday when you know what direction you are headed in. 

The next thing is we decide who we plan to invite. We often try and keep the guest list to a minimum and include only close family and friends who truly make an effort to part of our child’s life. It is their birthday after all, they don’t need people there who they don’t really know.

We then start planning our menu, party supplies and the date and time we will hold the party. 

Setting a Budget for Your Paw Patrol Birthday

One key to success in throwing any birthday party on a budget is to clearly set and define your budget. This sounds scarier than it really is. Sit down with your partner (or just yourself) and decide what is the absolute most that you want to spend on the party.

Once you have decided what is the most you want to spend start to write down the most essential items for the party. Examples of this would be cake, food, supplies…anything you can think you might want. 

Plan out how much you intend to spend for each item. Then once you have everything budgeted and planned out…stick to it. It is a lot harder to overspend when you have a limit in mind. 

Make sure to reference back to your budget and tally up to see what your party funds are. If you have leftover then yay! You can choose to save that or spend it on something you didn’t think you could get.

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Search for Deals

A big part of planning for our budget friendly Paw Patrol birthday party involved me scouring the internet and stores for deals on what I needed. If I can save money on a good deal and allow myself some extra $$ elsewhere then of course I’m going to search for a deal.

Price Check Your Paw Patrol Party Supplies

After I gathered a list of what was needed it was time to price check and search for deals. A big way to save money on Paw Patrol birthday party supplies is to check on Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone is selling their Paw Patrol party items. Most of the time party supplies are used for a few hours for the party and are still in great condition. So, naturally why wouldn’t you spend a little less for basically new party supplies? 

I always price check between Amazon, Walmart and The Dollar Tree when it comes to birthday party supplies. I look to see where I can find what I need for the cheapest. Once I find a good deal then I immediately purchase it (sometimes months in advance too!).

Look for Alternatives to Birthday Party Décor and Supplies

When planning Blake’s Paw Patrol Party there were a few items that I knew I wanted to have the Paw Patrol Pups on it. However, I knew I didn’t want to pay a high price for an item simply because it had Paw Patrol on it. This is where I look for alternatives to save money.

Paw Patrol Birthday Shirt

One of these items was a birthday shirt. You can find tons of cute themed Birthday shirts for the whole family on Etsy and other places. However, you are going to spend a pretty penny for a custom made shirt.

So, one way I saved money on the Paw Patrol Party was by buying a shirt that wasn’t custom made but still had Paw Patrol on it. This way it saves money and he can wear it beyond this birthday. I found a few cute Paw Patrol shirts and bought them to pick from later (here is a cute Paw Patrol shirt that is perfect!)

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Invitations

A surprisingly costly expense to any birthday party is the invitations. It shocked me the first time I went to buy some birthday party invitations and they were not cheap. I mean, come on, they are paper with printed stuff on it. And then I started scouring Etsy to find cute invitations and they weren’t cheap and it was just a digital download that I had to print myself. (I love Etsy and sometimes the higher price tag is worth it…this was not one of those times). 

In the past I have saved some money on invitations by making my own with my Cricut machine. This has worked out great and turns out absolutely adorable. This year I felt that trying to craft my own Paw Patrol birthday party invitations was too much of a task. So, I began searching the internet and found a relatively cheap option on Amazon for Paw Patrol Party invitations

DIY Food Labels

Buying custom made food labels can tally up the cost really quick. To save money I made my own Paw Patrol Party food labels with my Cricut and I must say they turned out amazing! I made a design and had the Cricut cut it out and write for me (I used Grobold font). To give the food labels and extra touch I added some Paw Patrol stickers and it only cost me the stickers and cardstock! You can make your own DIY labels even if you don’t own a Cricut but I recommend owning a Cricut 😉

You Don’t Always Have to buy a Cake

One thing I have learned through my time of hosting birthday parties is that the cake seems to be the highlight of the party. That puts a lot of pressure on you to go big or go home. Don’t overspend your budget on a cake that will get devoured in minutes. There are cheaper ways to have a Paw Patrol birthday cake than spending a fortune.

Paw Patrol Birthday cupcakes on lookout tower

You can always make a cake. I have done this with all of Blake and Raelynn’s parties (except this one). Buy a cake mix, some icing (or do homemade) and get creative. You can add a Paw Patrol Pup and vehicle (this is great because it doubles as a toy later) to the cake or try your hand at your own design. 

If making your own cake isn’t your style then consider cupcakes as an option. We chose to do cupcakes since I wanted to use the Lookout tower as a cupcake holder. I got our cupcakes from the Walmart Bakery and they were Paw Patrol themed and cheaper than a cake. I must say we were all very surprised by how good they tasted! I’m not a huge cupcake person and I loved them!

Go Minimal on Birthday Decorations to Save Time and Money

I have to often remind myself when planning a party for the kids that it is just a party for a child not a Hollywood star. It doesn’t have to be extravagant and sometimes I think too many decorations looks tacky. An easy way we saved money for Blake’s Paw Patrol birthday party was through his birthday decorations.

Paw Patrol Party Decorations

One party splurge we did was to buy some Paw Patrol party decorations with the characters on them as a way to add some pups to our otherwise pupless décor. I usually stray away from using characters for decorations (that way I can reuse stuff next year). But these items were too cute not to add.

Paw Patrol Party Swirl Decorations (not an affiliate link…just a really good deal)

Paw Patrol “Happy Birthday” Banner

Paw Patrol Birthday Poster (not an affiliate just another great deal!!)

Balloons Go a Long Way

Decorating with balloons in the party colors can go a long way to add some spice to your party decorations. Instead of spending a ton on character balloons, simply buy solid colored balloons and hang them around. 

Add Some Streamers

Streamers make any party more fun right? I usually buy 2 to 3 solid colored streamers in the party colors and hang them from the ceiling or do a streamer wall. They add just a little life without a whole lot of expense.

Stay Away from Character Plates, Table Clothes and Napkins

When I plan most of the kids’ birthday parties I tend to pick a theme that is pretty popular and offers variety of decoration and party supply options. However, to save money and have a budget friendly birthday party I stay away from buying plates, table clothes and napkins with characters on them.

These items tend to cost a bit more than their plain counterparts and are items that are quickly disposed of. What I did for our Paw Patrol party was buy blue and red plates, tablecloths and napkins (I actually had some plates and tablecloths left from the previous year) to use for the party. After the party was over I still had plates and tablecloths left that I can now use for future parties. 

If I had spent extra money on the character items then I wouldn’t have stuff to reuse. This is an easy way to save money without sacrificing the cuteness of a Paw Patrol party!

Choose an Item to Splurge On

Paw Patrol birthday Chase piñata

I have given you lots of budget friendly birthday party alternatives but I want to also encourage you to not feel bad splurging on some party items. Our Paw Patrol party splurge was a Chase piñata. This was the first year that we did a piñata and let me just say…it was so much fun!

There is nothing like watching toddler boys beat a piñata puppy. It was hilarious, scary and great for their energy. They loved the candy surprise and it was a great way to add a party game to the party.

We usually don’t have games for our birthday parties because the kids are so little but a piñata was just perfect! They offer several cute piñata options!

Keep the Menu Easy and Simple

Food is the core to any party and can quickly add up in cost. This is an area I try my hardest to keep the cost down. There a few options to help keep cost down but not lose the core of your party food!

We chose to do hotdogs (pupdogs) and had this adorable menu that I created (pictured below). Hot dogs are cheap and easy to make for a crowd so this made it the perfect choice for our budget friendly Paw Patrol party. We added hotdog fixings, baked beans (puppy chow) and potato salad (paw-tato salad). Everyone loved the cute names and the food was a huge success for hardly any cost!

Another option is to choose a time that isn’t a meal time to host your party. So instead of doing the party around lunch time do it between lunch and supper. This allows you to get away with simply serving appetizers rather than a meal. Some examples for a Paw Patrol Party would be

-pupcorn (popcorn)

-chips (paw-tato chips)

-pigs in a blanket (pups in a blanket)

We also only served water, tea and our homemade party punch. This helped keep cost down from having to buy juice or soda. My motto with party food is keep it simple and keep it cheap.

Perfect Paw Patrol Birthday Party

We had a wonderful party, played “Pup, pup boogie” and the theme song for our party and watched as the kids ran around and danced. To onlooking eyes it appeared we had more invested into the party than we actually did. We were able to pull off another successful birthday party without breaking the bank. I hope the ideas and tips help you as you plan your budget friendly Paw Patrol Party!

What are your birthday budget tips? Share in the comments below!

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