How to Start a Stay-at-Home Mom Evening Routine

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Do your evenings feel rushed, stressed and cluttered? Are you absolutely frazzled and exhausted by the time you put the kids to bed? I get it! I really do but as a stay-at-home mom your evenings don’t have to be chaotic. I’m here to help you create the perfect stay-at-home mom evening routine!

I used to hate the idea of routines until I started seeing the benefits of them (especially our toddler routine). Routines just seemed to be boring and the same thing over and over. Which, if we’re being honest it is the same thing over and over in a nutshell. 

However, routines have become my new favorite parenting and stay-at-home tip. With a routine you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. There is a sense of peace and consistency in a routine. It helps keep you organized and the chaos at bay.

Starting the Perfect SAHM Evening Routine

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Benefits of a Stay-at-Home Mom Evening Routine

Creating and sticking to a stay-at-home mom evening routine has made my life so much better! Every evening I know what to expect of myself and what needs to be done. It doesn’t have to be the same thing every single night but it gives me a goal to work toward.

Since starting a mom evening routine I have found that I am more relaxed when I finally do sit down. I have been sleeping more peacefully. I have also been waking up less stressed. Starting an evening and bedtime routine has made me become diligent with a morning routine as well.

Having an evening routine has been a huge help in keeping the house clean and staying clean.

All around I have loved creating an evening routine for myself. And I want to share how to do it with you! I want you to be a peaceful and relaxed momma too!!

How to Start a Stay-at-Home Mom Evening Routine

Now, I call this an evening routine but honestly it also includes a mom bedtime routine as well (see 2 routines for the price of 1 😉 ). After another chaotic evening with a dirty kitchen, messy house (after cleaning all day), and stressed me; I knew I needed to do something to change things. I was tired of waking every morning to a disaster only to play catch up throughout the day. 

So, I sat down one evening and wrote down what would help me feel more organized and relaxed if I started doing it in the evenings. I decided that I wanted the kitchen cleaned immediately after supper, main level of the house tidy, coffee prepped for the next morning, a bedtime routine to wind down and a way to prep for the next morning.

With step one complete of creating a mom evening routine wish list I set out to make some baby steps. I have found that it is best to tackle things one at a time when attempting a big change. If you try and change or clean too much at one time then you are only going to overwhelm yourself even more. Do yourself a favor and tackle one thing at a time until you perfect the routine you wish for.

Starting with the Kitchen

Usually after supper I am so exhausted from the day and cooking that I really just want to sit and relax for a minute. That is all well and good…except it was causing me to get to cozy resting and lose motivation to clean.

I decided this task of tackling cleaning the kitchen after supper would be the first baby step since it would snowball into my other evening routine wish lists. Every night I began cleaning as soon as we got done eating. I wouldn’t rest and relax until it was all done. I enlisted the help of my husband on nights when I really didn’t feel like it. This helped to keep me accountable and see the mission through.

I made it a point to start the dishwasher every night (no matter the load size) and then that was the first task I would do in the kitchen the next morning. Unloading the dishwasher in the morning allowed me to be able to fill it up as the day went on and keep the sink clean. 

The results of doing this consistently for a week were amazing! I felt accomplished. It was great waking up to a clean kitchen and not having to do that first thing in the morning. I was pleased with sticking to the routine and continued to do so as I added another layer to my stay-at-home mom evening routine.

Creating a Stay-at-Home Mom Bedtime Routine

Once I had the kitchen cleaning underway and established I decided I wanted to tackle creating a bedtime routine for myself. The goal in doing this was to do something for myself that would help me wind down for bedtime.

Every evening after we put the kids to bed, Hunter and I typically watch TV. Then around midnight we head upstairs and go to bed. That was my evening/bedtime routine and it didn’t work. Most nights I would end up laying in bed forever trying to settle down and fall asleep. 

This usually ended up resulting in Pinterest scrolling or reading a book until almost 2 AM. This in turn didn’t make me want to get up early before the kids for my morning routine.

I knew this needed to be fixed before adding to my routine

After we clean the kitchen we usually play with the kids, bathe them and then put them to bed. Once they were in bed I decided to start my evening/ bedtime routine in part then. I go upstairs and take a hot bath (this doesn’t happen every night but most), wash off my makeup and exfoliate. Then I head downstairs and watch TV with Hunter.

At roughly midnight we come upstairs for bed and I wrap up my bedtime routine. I make a pit stop in the kitchen and prep my coffee maker for the following morning. Then I head upstairs to our bedroom where I apply my moisturizer, brush my teeth, brush my hair and lay out clothes for the next day. I read that day’s excerpt from Blessings for the Evening devotional and then drift peacefully off to sleep.

This bedtime routine has helped me with taking some time and prioritizing myself before bed. It is typically a time when I practice some of my mom-self care ideas. I have found that reading my short devotional before bed calms my mind and prepping for the next morning helps me to wake up and get the day started without an added layer of stress.

The Final Step in my Stay-at-Home Mom Evening Routine

Now that I had a solid kitchen cleaning routine set and a relaxing evening/bedtime routine I knew the key aspect missing was having the house tidy before I sat down to watch TV.

I usually spend the first part of my day at home with the kids cleaning. As a stay-at-home mom part of our “job” is spending way too much time cleaning after tiny tornadoes we created. I have a pretty good cleaning system in place for the day and use my 10 minute tidy hack. But, without fail bedtime comes for the kids and the house looks like a warzone again.

So, I knew I need to set up an aspect of my evening routine that would leave the house looking tidy like it had earlier in the day. I also knew the only way to really achieve this was wait until the kids went to bed. We have a set bedtime routine for the kids so that has helped greatly with me staying on top of my routine.

Once the kids were in bed instead of going to watch TV I decided before my bedtime routine that I would do a cleaning sweep and reset the house. This way I could tidy the main level, then move up to our bedroom and wind down before watching TV.

How to Reset Your Home as Part of Your Evening Routine

Basically resetting your home and doing a clean sweep means you quickly tidy up your house and reset it to look like it would if you had just cleaned. This is where my 10 minute tidy really comes in handy!

As soon as the kids are asleep I set my timer and start doing a quick tidy. I walk around with a laundry basket and fill it with anything that doesn’t belong in that area. I empty it as I go around or I save it to go through in the morning. It really just depends.

Doing this reset and quick cleaning sweep has left the house looking in order before I go to bed and then it look beautiful when I wake up. It has really alleviated a lot of clutter and stress the next morning. I now go to bed know the house is clean and that I have done a little part to prioritize myself for the day.

Do You Have to Follow This Evening Routine Every Night?

The beauty in creating a personalized routine for yourself is that it’s for you. You can do whatever you want with it. Do I follow my stay-at-home mom evening routine every single night? Absolutely not! There are some nights it just isn’t feasible (I don’t do it on the weekends). 

Having a routine is meant to help keep you focused on your goal but it isn’t meant to control your life. With any routine you need to have flexibility. 

I hope you are able to take some of these tips and start your evening routine to help yourself. Remember, take baby steps in establishing your routine and know that you will eventually perfect it to a routine you love. 

If you don’t love an aspect of your routine then cut it out. There is no sense in doing something just for the sake of doing it. If your routine isn’t serving you then don’t serve it. I hope this has encouraged and motivated you as you start your stay-at-home mom routine.

Do you have any routines in place that help you out? I would love to hear about them! 

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