How to Start a Gratitude Jar With Your Kids

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I love each and every season during their time. But, I will say I truly do look forward to fall and all the thankfulness, gratitude, fall activities and cooler weather it brings. 

We usually spend time on Thanksgiving Day celebrating and verbalizing what we are grateful for (as most families do). This year though, we decided to take this a step further since the kids are getting old enough to express thanks themselves. We created a thankfulness jar or gratitude jar (whichever you prefer to call it).

We are starting our jar activity in September but this would be a wonderful activity to simply do the month of November as well.

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Family Gratitude Jar with Be Thankful Jar on display

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How to Make your Own Gratitude Jar

Making your own DIY gratitude jar is super simple and makes for an extra fun craft with the kids. You simply need a few supplies and your gratitude card slips to start expressing your thankfulness today. 


-Mason Jar (I usually have several on hand but you can find them here

-Cardstock or printer paper (your choice)

Gratitude Jar Label

Gratitude Jar Card Slips

-Any extra frills to decorate with

-Pens for writing (these are my favorites)

Creating Your Jar

Make sure your jar is clean and free of any labels if it was previously used (I like to reuse old jars for all sorts of things). Grab your free gratitude jar printable here and then glue it onto your jar. I like to use hot glue but you could even tape it on. Add any extra decor that you want to yours and you are done!

Steps to Using Your Gratitude Jar

Now that your jar is complete and ready to go you need to start using it. Introduce the idea to your family and decide where to place it. Go ahead and print your gratitude card slips and have them ready to go near your jar (we store ours in a little envelope). Have your pens nearby too for easy access. Decide with your family when you want start this activity and how long it will last.

Step 1: Think about what you are thankful for

This activity is meant to bring you to a place of gratitude for the things around you. Start thinking of things that you are grateful for. Encourage your kids in this as well. If they are younger then prompt them by asking “What are you happy about today? What are you thankful for today? Who is someone you are grateful for?” Get them into a mindset of expressing thanks.

Step 2: Write It Down

Now that you know what you are thankful for…write it down. Grab your FREE gratitude card slips here to write down what you are grateful for. For your younger kids you can write it for them. This is a good time to decide if you will only do one slip a day/week. We also use this time to thank God in prayer for what we wrote down.

Step 3: Put It In The Jar

Remember that beautiful jar that you created? Well now is the time to use it! Place those gratitude slips into the jar as you fill them out. Display the jar in an area where the family can see it as a reminder.

What To Do With the Jar and Slips?

So, you have faithfully been filling up your jar of gratitudes and thankfulness. But, now what are you supposed to do with it?

This is the fun of this activity! You can hold onto it and share it during meals, when you need a reminder of thankfulness or set a specified time to share all of them.

Our family is starting this activity in September and will share a few a day in November leading up to Thanksgiving. The possibilities are endless with when and how you share them though.

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I hope you enjoy making your gratitude jar and follow along with us on Instagram as we share our jar and thankfulness!

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