Favorite Toddler Sensory Activities

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I have just recently jumped on the sensory bin activity bandwagon. I am here to tell you I have LOVED sensory activities for my toddler. Blake has had a blast and it keeps him entertained while also being educational.

Can you say parenting win?!

I am adding more and more sensory activities to our daily schedule but I wanted to share the top three we have loved so far!

3 absolute fun sensory activities for toddler to try

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Play dough

Blake has loved playing with play dough and I have been using Little Learning Club’s printables to help him get an awesome educational aspect. I also use her Kool-Aid play dough recipe since it smells so amazing and is non-toxic (which is awesome since Blake eats it). 

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I love play dough for many reason as it is great entertainment for Blake. It has been great to use play dough to reinforce our color of the week and now with the Little Learning Club worksheets it helps with number and letters.

Play dough is also wonderful for imaginative play as it allows him to create whatever he can think up. 

play dough sensory activities

I am planning on creating some play dough sensory kits in the near future but right now I just give Blake odds and ends from kitchen utensils to play with.

Kinetic Sand

I recently stumbled upon kinetic sand and it is so satisfying. We have had guests come over and sit and play with it so it isn’t limited to just toddlers! What I love about Kinetic sand is that he can play with it indoors without a huge mess!

I have buried numbers and the letter of the week in the sand for a fun and educational scavenger hunt. I also give him dinosaurs, trucks or farm animals to play with in his sand.

He has thoroughly enjoyed playing with his sand and it helps keep him occupied for quite some time. I love watching his imagination come alive as he plays with his sand bin. 

Water Beads

Blake loves playing in the water so what better way to make water play more fun than to add water beads. These beads come as mustard size beads and after soaking in water for a few hours turn into gel beads the size of a small marble.

I originally had the beads in a bin with sea animals but quickly learned that letting him play in the bathtub with them is a far better idea. Putting them in the tub makes for far easier clean up than having to chase them all over the floor. 

toddler boy in bathtub with water beads

A word of caution when putting them in the tub…if you add water they will grow more and it will take forever for them to dehydrate back to their original size. 

He loves these beads and being completely honest so do I. I am seriously contemplating borrowing them (I did after all order 1,000 of them).

Give Me All the Sensory Activities

I anticipate we will continue to grow our list of sensory activities for toddlers as Raelynn reaches toddler hood very soon. We have had so much fun playing together and exciting our senses with these new touch and feel activities.

What are your favorite sensory activities? Lets me know in the comments below

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