Easy DIY Gel Nails to Do At Home with UV Lamp

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Are you tired of spending loads of money to constantly get a manicure? Is your nail salon still closed? Learn how to do an at home gel manicure with a UV lamp. It has turned my manicures and pedicures into an easy task that I can do myself from the comfort of my home.

I have never been one to go to a nail salon and get my nails done so I wasn’t really spending lots of money on that end. But, I know lots of ladies who are trying to cut back on their spending and nails tend to add up rather quickly. This budget friendly manicure solution will leave you with gorgeous nails at a fraction of the cost!! 

Quick DIY Gel Manicure that last 2 weeks painting nails

Why I Chose to do Gel Nails at Home

Where I was spending money on my nails was your regular drugstore nail polish. What ended up happening is that I would paint my nails. They would chip within a couple days. I would remove the polish (or leave it for a week or so) and then paint them again.

This wasn’t great for my nails at all and consumed valuable time. So, I knew I needed a better option for the well being of my nails, for the sake of my time and to stop wasting money on nail polish that didn’t last.

These gel nails are amazing because the polish stays on for around 2 weeks which is a whole lot better than any acrylic stick on nails or regular nail polish I’ve tried.

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Curious how you can get nail salon nails in less than 20 minutes and for way less? Keep reading as I feel you in on all the wonderful things about a DIY gel manicure from home. 

What Supplies Do I Need to Do My Own Gel nails

To get started with your DIY gel nails you will need a few supplies first. The number of these items you buy is up to you but there are a few essentials that you will need.

1. UV LED Gel Nail Curing Lamp

First, you need to get a UV nail lamp. I got the SUNUV nail lamp from Amazon and have been very pleased with it. It is a great lamp and only takes approximately a minute per layer to dry. My nails are completely dry and ready for action after using this lamp, which makes it perfect as a mom. I love that this lamp has UV LED lights that make drying time easy, quite and fast. This lamp also has two timer selections (30 seconds or 60 seconds).

2. Base Coat and Top Coat for Gel Nails

Next, you will need to get a base and top coat to help prep and seal your nails. I have loved the Gellen top coat and base coat. Don’t be fooled by the bottle size because they will last you a lot longer than you think! The top coat goes on smooth and doesn’t leave a gummy texture at all. It really helps preserve the polish.

3. Gel Nail Polish

Lastly, you will need the actual gel polish. This is where how much you get is up to you. If you want a variety of colors then go for it! Only want a couple colors? That’s fine too. I ordered some Gellen nail polish and was disappointed in it. Their base coat and top coat are amazing but their polish didn’t impress me. I have found that Beetles polish is what I like the best for my nails. It stays on longer and is easy to apply. 

Is It Worth Doing Gel Nails at Home?

I say 100% yes!! Doing gel nails at home with the SUNUV lamp has made it so fast and easy to do my nails. It is one of my self-care routines now. I highly recommend this to traditional nail salon nails as a convenient and budget friendly manicure option.

The cost upfront is probably going to be around or maybe more than what it cost to get your nails done in a salon once. However, add up how much you spend on your nails in a year and then add up the cost of this at home gel manicure kit and you will see the cost difference. 

I have been nothing but pleased with the cost effectiveness and quality of my at home gel nails!

How to Do Gel Nails at Home with UV Light

To get that perfect gel nail manicure you need to follow a few steps for perfection. Once you have this down it really will take less than 20 minutes to do your nails.

Step 1: File and shape your nails.

Get a nail file and some clippers to help you shape your nails how you want them to look. I like my nails on the shorter and rounded side but there are lots of YouTube videos about how to shape your nails.

Step 2: Trim Cuticles and Buff Nails

It really helps to trim your cuticles and push them back to make sure your nail beds are clean and uniform. This will help the gel polish stay on longer. It is also a good idea to buff your nails and get any ridges out as it too helps the polish stay on longer. 

This Nail Buffer Kit is great to have on hand for the steps above!

Step 3. Clean and dry nails

It really helps to wash and dry your nails after steps 1 and 2. This makes sure your nails are as prepped as possible to hold the polish on. I like to use rubbing alcohol or vinegar on a cotton ball to dry my nails.

Step 4. Apply Base Coat

Now it is time to apply your base coat. Simply paint on a thin layer of base coat and then cure it under the UV lamp. Be sure to follow the packaging instructions for curing times. I do mine for 90 seconds. It only takes one base coat so don’t feel like you have to do more. Be sure to clean up around the nail bed with some nail polish remover and qtip before curing (this helps the polish from peeling off later). 

Step 5. Apply Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nails with UV Lamp

Choose what color and how you want to style your nails. Then paint a thin layer of gel polish onto your nails. Once again, be sure to clean up around your nail bed for any excess polish. It helps to paint slightly under the nail tips to help seal the polish. Cure for the recommended time (I do 90 seconds again). I usually do 2 coats but that is optional. Be careful not to make the polish too thick as this can cause it to peel off. 

Step 6. Apply Top Coat

Now comes the final step. Apply a thin layer of top coat being sure to get under the nail tip to seal the nail. Make sure to clean around your nail beds and then cure for the recommended time.

Easy At Home Gel Nails

There you have it! Now you can go enjoy some gorgeous gel nails at a fraction of nail salon costs. I get lots of compliments on my nails when I do them this way. It is so easy and something that I typically do while watching tv after the kids go to bed. I love how convenient it is and how fast they are dry and ready to go.

Do you do your nails at home?

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