DIY Preschool Christmas Ornaments to Make at Home

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The kids are finally getting to an age where arts and crafts are becoming fun! Crafts and sensory activities have become a common thing in our household over the past year. So, naturally it only made sense to incorporate themed craft time. These easy DIY preschool Christmas ornaments are sure to be a hit in your household and on your tree!

Last year we got a Christmas tree for the kids to start decorating with all of their Christmas tradition ornaments and their ornament creations. There a lots of fun ornament ideas out there for kids but we are here to share our favorites that will debut in our craft creations.

8 Easy DIY Preschool Christmas Ornament Crafts with pine cone ornament, frame and ball ornament
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Having toddlers and preschool age children create ornaments is such a fun Christmas tradition to start! It includes them in the Christmas festivities through creative play! Not to mention they make adorable memories and mementos to hold onto!

So, grab some glitter glue, crafty supplies (I love getting ours in bulk from Dollar Tree ) and muster up patience and a whole lot of Christmas cheer! Turn the Christmas music on and have a blast making memories with your kids! 

1). Plastic Ball Christmas Ornament

These plastic ornament balls are great for kids ornaments! I love getting ours at The Dollar Tree because they are super affordable and you can buy them in bulk online (I also get fillers for ornaments here). With these ornaments you can do multiple things. You can paint your own creation on the outside, do an acrylic pour into the ornament ball or fill it with fun items.

We chose to fill ours with fake snow, glitter and all sorts of fun items. This makes an adorable ornament and it will hold up through the years as well. To help keep the top on you can hot glue it after you are done decorating.

2). Beaded Candy Cane

Growing up we made these cute candy canes and decorated our tree with them for years. I remember having so much fun creating these and hanging them year to year. You can get an inclusive kit here or make your own.

What you will need:

-Red or white pipe cleaners

-red, white and green tri beads (I bought these)

Twist one end of the pipe cleaner to keep the beads in place. Alternate colors by placing 2 beads of the same color after another. Once you have reached your desired length cut any remaining pipe cleaner and twist off at the top. Bend and shape to look like a candy cane and hang on your tree!

3). Salt Dough Christmas Ornament

I’m sure you have either seen or made salt dough ornaments. These are a great little preschool craft because it allows for creative expression, personalization and when preserved properly can last forever!

I loved making salt dough ornaments as a kid! Modge Podge Rocks blog has a great recipe and how to for making salt dough ornaments (check it out here)

Get super creative with your salt dough by cutting out fun shapes with cookie cutters, decorating with glitter glue and painting them. I suggest you roll your dough out thinner so that the ornament isn’t super heavy on the tree.

4). Popsicle Stick Frame Ornament

What’s cuter than an ornament that your kid makes and has their face on it? Nothing! These little popsicle stick frames are absolutely adorable to make and display on your tree! 

To make these you will need:

-8 popsicle sticks (once again a great item to buy in bulk from Dollar Tree)

– Hot glue gun

-Decorating supplies like glitter glue, stickers, pom poms etc.

Glue two sticks to each side of the frame (as pictured) to create a square frame. Once it is dry (I recommend prepping the night before) then allow your child to decorate their frame however they see fit. Leave it to dry and then glue in a picture of your choice. Glue a ribbon loop to hang from the tree. 

5). Button Wreath Preschool Ornament

I love creating these cute little button wreaths with the kids. Not only are they adorable but they make a great preschool learning activity. Have you child count the buttons, identify colors and shapes. 

Making these is a fairly easy task and you probably have most of the items on hand. 

What you will need:

-green or white pipe cleaner

-buttons (varied Christmas colors. These are in my shopping cart as we speak)

-ribbon (Christmas colors once again. I like red but any color works)

Take the pipe cleaner and make the end to hold the buttons in place (we will undo this at the end). String the buttons through the pipe cleaner in alternating order as you wish (since it is a wreath you want more greens than other colors). Once all the buttons have been strung through join the two ends of the pipe cleaner and twist together. You can add a bow or simply hot glue a ribbon loop to the top. You now have a cut little button wreath ornament.

6). Christmas Ornament Kits

If you don’t like getting super crafty with your kids but still want that DIY ornament experiences then I have just the thing for you! There are lots of Christmas ornament craft kits out there to choose from. Most of these kits come with all the supplies and instructions you will need. Melissa & Doug have a really cute DIY paint ornament kit that is super fun and easy for preschoolers to do.

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7). Clothespin Snowmen

These cute clothespin snowmen found at Easy, Peasy and Fun are to die for! They are absolutely precious and will be the perfect addition clipped to your tree this year. They are super fun and easy for preschoolers to make!

8). Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament

I love making these pine cone Christmas trees with the kids because they include a fun learning activity! We take a nature walk and find the pine cones, discuss where they came from and talk about seasons. To make these all you need is a pine cone and some fun craft items. We used glitter star stickers and pom poms but you could use any item to decorate your “tree”. Hot glue works best at keeping everything in place.

Have Fun Crafting Your Christmas Ornaments

I hope you and your kid(s) enjoy these DIY preschool Christmas ornaments. They have brought joy to our home and we wanted to share that joy with others!

What is your favorite Christmas craft to make?

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  1. Lindsey

    This is so adorable, I’ll have to give it a try with my daughter.

    1. Morgan P

      Thanks! Let me know how it goes! They have been fun to make so far for us!

  2. Lacie Wever

    I can’t wait to try some of these this year. Think I’ll give the salt dough and pine cone ornaments! Thank you for these ideas!

    1. Morgan P

      You are so welcome! I love salt dough ornaments! The pine cone ones were fun to make too! Let me know how they turn out 🙂

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