Disney+ Favorites For The Whole Family

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Have you signed up for Disney+ yet? No? Go do it now!!

Disney+ has been a godsend for us as a parenting tool. We have loved every every minute of our subscription.

What is Disney+

Disney+ is a streaming subscription that offers all things Disney (this includes their partners such as ABC and Pixar). It is amazing and has shows for little little kids all the way up to adults. It’s perfect for the entire family. 

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It is easy to watch via tablet, phone, streaming device or smart TV. We use our Amazon Fire Stick and absolutely love it! We also have the app on our phones and it has helped us more than once with restaurant outings.

Phone With Disney+ on it. Best Disney+ Movie List for the Whole Family

Why We Use Screen Time

Screen time is a big taboo parenting circles it seems. Anytime you tell people that you let your kids watch TV at a 1 and 2 years old you get some funny looks.

But, I’m here to tell you that an hour or less a day is not going to make or break your kid. If they spend time playing and doing other things then you are good. Honestly,our kids don’t even focus on the TV the whole time.

It has been a nice relief and reprieve when I need to cook, get some cleaning done or they’re just in a terrible mood. It has been an easy just pull away, relax, be quiet and  watch something thing for the kids. 

Hunter and I enjoy watching TV so naturally as a family we’re going to enjoy watching TV. I’m okay with it… if you’re not okay with TV time and screen time that’s fine! This probably is not going to interest you but if you’re like me and you like to use the TV as a babysitter sometimes then stay tuned because here are our top Disney+ loves.

Here are some of our favorite Disney+ movies and shows to watch. These are ones that the kids like watching. I am including some that Hunter and I enjoy watching so that Momma and Daddy can get some TV time too.

Strong Female Lead Movies

Blake has really taken to strong, independent, female princess movies. Not really sure why?? We noticed this after he loved Frozen and once he started watching Frozen he just loved all the strong female leads.

We’ve shown him a multitude of movies and since he does have a little sister he tends to get to watch some princess movies. While he does love the boy movies, he also really enjoys the story lines of the princess movies.

 I’m sure this will change as he gets older and starts to see it as girly but for now he does enjoy a lot of princess movies so you will see a lot of those on our list here.

Frozen & Frozen II

The Frozen series has a great storyline and we love it. The sequel was just as impressive as the first. If you have not seen it I’m not going to ruin it for you by giving details but I will just say it’s a cute movie I, as an adult, enjoy watching the Frozen movies.

The soundtrack in both movies is amazing and Blake loves music so I’m sure that’s one reason he loves all things Disney. 

What I love about Frozen is that it teaches a lot about sibling relations. There is a lot of focus on siblings disagreeing but at the end of the day sibling love conquers all. It’s an easy way to teach sharing, sibling relations and friendship.  


Next up is, Moana! We have really enjoyed Moana and I love that this is a story with Hawaiian culture. It is just very colorful, vibrant and full of island culture. 

I feel like Moana one of those underrated Disney movies when it first came out. But, once again, I love watching Moana! It’s a cute story that provides some lessons about doing what’s right and helping others. It also has elements of parental disobedience so, I tried to think of ways to use this as Blake gets older.

I plan to talk about how there’s certain ways to approach talking to us as parents about when you don’t agree with us and when you disagree but, ultimately, do what’s right. It is a wonderful coming of age story to showcase believing in yourself no matter the failures.


Brave, just like Moana, was kind of underrated. It really didn’t gain a lot of popularity like I thought it would but I love it for the kind of Scottish cultural. It too deals with child-parent relationships and disobedience

I use this one to explain that there are bad consequences for bad choices. It also has good lessons for dealing with anger. There is a moment in the movie where somebody basically pitches a fit.

Blake has now learned every time he sees it he says, “Momma, that guy acting like a baby! He needs a spanking!” So, even things like that we’re learning how to control anger and frustration and it’s been so good.

Princess Movies

We don’t watch too many Disney Princess movies (unless they are strong, independent females lol). But, there are a few that the kids have loved and enjoy watching over and over. I’m sure as Raelynn gets older that our Princess movie viewings will increase. 

Beauty & The Beast

Blake enjoys this movie and I really think it’s because of the beast. This movie is a classic and one that is a tale as old as time (see what I did there).

 It has been great for teaching lessons on aggression and how to handle anger and not handle anger. It is also a great movie for teaching about not judging someone by their outward appearance. 


Tangled is Disney’s version of Rapunzel with a twist and it is absolutely precious. The music in this one isn’t my favorite but both of the kids seems to love it.

This is a fun-loving movie filled with adventure and honestly, we haven’t really pulled any lessons from this one yet. We just simply enjoy watching it.


The Cinderella series (there are like 3 or 4) have been fun to watch with the kids. Blake likes the sequels much better than the original (I prefer the sequels myself). Like Tangled these have been fun movies to just watch and we haven’t pulled out any major lessons yet.

The kids don’t watch these often but they do like them every so often.

Little Mermaid

Both of  the kids love The Little Mermaid series (movies and show) and enjoy the music in them. Blake loves these so much that he thinks he is a Merman or some kind of Shark whenever he swims.

The Little Mermaid is a wonderful movie for teaching about how to appreciate what you have. Life isn’t always better on the other side. This lesson is a little more complex than those of dealing with emotions but it is still great to start early.

Boyish Movies

Blake loves his strong female lead movies but he also is 100% boy and loves all things boy. He has discovered some fun movies and shows on Disney that he loves to watch that bring out his inner wild boy. He watches these movies, sees a villain and then asks to get his light saber so he can fight them. 

Toy Story

There are now 4 movies in the Toy Story series and they are all wonderful! Blake loves them and calls them the cowboy boots movies. All the movies have lots of fun elements to them but lots of lessons about friendship, letting go and growing up. They are great tools for teaching how to handle arguments and friendships.

I’ve noticed too that since watching this series of movies that his imaginative play has come to life. I think he truly believes his toys can now come to life. 

Incredibles I & II

The Incredibles movies are a cute story about a family of super heroes. It is action packed, funny and sweet. Blake has loved watching these movies and testing out his own “super powers”.

There are lots of lessons that can come from watching these movies but the biggest one we are pulling out is, “Super heroes make good choices to help others.” I have used this a lot when Blake is trying to be mean to Raelynn. I remind him that super heroes help people not hurt people.

Lion King Series

The Lion  King series has several movies and show spin offs that are so fun and vibrant. These movies and shows follow the story of a young lion cub and his adventures in the pride land. As someone who lived in Kenya, I love the cultural aspect of the movies and how they teach about the world.

Blake has loved watching all the lions and pretends to be one himself. We haven’t really used Lion King to teach any big lessons but I do like to tie it into nature shows and teach him about another part of the world.

Movies for Mom and Dad

There are lots of options for parents to watch on Disney+ since it offers more than just Disney animated films. Although, we do love a good animated Disney movie too.

Marvel Series

We love the Marvel Series and all the superhero stories they follow. I’m particularly a fan of Iron Man but love all of them. If you haven’t seen the Marvel movies then go watch them in order and get sucked into the world of Marvel heroes.


This movie is animated but it was a little too old for the kids. It is a precious coming-of-age story that will bring a tear to your eye. 

The Greatest Showman

This is a semi-musical movie about P.T. Barnum and his circus. It is a fun, uplifting movie with a great soundtrack. It isn’t entirely historically accurate but it is a definite must see. I hate musicals and loved it!

Live Action Disney Classics

We are 90s babies so naturally we grew up watching all the Disney classics. We were thrilled when Disney started making their classics into live action movies. Some of our favorites so far have been Aladdin, Lion King and Beauty & The Beast

Star Wars Series

Disney taking over Star Wars equals endless hours of fun!! There are so many movies, shows and spin-offs to watch relating to the Star Wars universe. Our most recent favorite is the show Mandalorian. We also love the Star Wars Saga and all the movies it contains too.

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So Many Choices!

There are literally so many options for the whole family with a Disney+ subscription. If you have been on the fence about getting one then hop on over. Take that leap and get the subscription. You won’t regret it!

Through our time of showing Blake new Disney movies and shows we have discovered he’s not a big fan of movies that have more talking and less action. Some examples of these are Robin Hood and Peter Pan.

I’m sure as he gets older that he will enjoy these types of movies but right now at 2.5 he’s not a huge fan. I just listed the ones we are enjoying so far and the lessons you can tie into them. 

Any movie the kids watch we have seen first to make sure it is age appropriate. You usually can’t go too wrong with animated Disney movies as they are very family oriented. 

For a time we found that Lion King had some scenes a little intense for the kids. So, we would skip over those or just not show them the movie.

I encourage you as a parent to preview what your kid is watching. Watch it first or go read about it online. One great place is Focus on the Family’s PluggedIn website. They rate movies and their ratings are VERY thorough with what is considered inappropriate. You use your discretion and decide what is important to you but I like looking at it for a good gauge of what to expect.

I hope you enjoy your Disney movies and let us know your favorites in the comments below. We are always looking for fun new things to watch.

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