Best Toddler Boy Gift Ideas (not just toys)

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I love giving gifts and since having kids I have loved the gift giving experience even more. However, buying gifts for a toddler boy can be a tedious process full of decisions. This is why I have created a gift guide to help you on your gift buying ventures.

Now you don’t need to stress over what to get that little guy because I have the perfect list of gifts just for you. And don’t you worry…it’s not all toys either. Below you will find some our favorite toddler boy gifts and experiences that you can gift that little boy in your life today.

The Best Gift Ideas for a Toddler Boy (not just toys)

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Tips When Buying a Toddler Boy Gift

When I am shopping for Blake (my toddler) I look for a few things in each gift. First, I make sure it is something that I think he will enjoy and get some good amount of playtime out of. Second, I try to find things that may be educational on top of being fun. And finally I look for ways I can give gifts that aren’t necessarily toys.

With all that being said some toys will simply be for fun. Others will be educational. And others will combine fun, educational and experiences all in one. It is all about variety and what your toddler will love. 

I have broken down this list of toddler boy gifts into themes to make your browsing easier and to help keep you organized. I am big into organized chaos so hopefully keeping it in themes helps you as you gather ideas and fingers crossed find the perfect gift for your toddler boy.

Educational Toddler Boy Gifts

Melissa & Doug Daily Calendar

This toy is great for toddlers as they began to learn their days of the week, months of the year and as a visual schedule. I love our calendar and the opportunity it provides to grow with us as the kids get bigger. It is magnetic and dry erase so you can add in details to your calendar.

Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks

You will probably begin to notice a trend with my educational toys…I love Melissa & Doug products. They are educational and well built. The pattern blocks are great for color recognition, pattern building and early math skills. 

Sesame Street Letters and Numbers on the Go

Who doesn’t love Sesame Street and all the educational aspects of the show? These little carrying cases come with removable letter and number. It is such a fun toy for any toddler. It helps with letter and number recognition and allows for your toddler to use gross motor skills as they piece the puzzle back together.

Learning Resources Letter Construction

One thing I have learned about toddler boys is, they love to build (and tear down). These letter construction pieces allow them to construct each letter as a hands-on way to learn. This is one of our favorite learning tools right now! 

Paw Patrol Themed

Paw Patrol Lookout Tower

If your toddler is anything like Blake then they must be obsessed with EVERYTHING Paw Patrol. We love this lookout tower because it allows for imaginative play and is just Blake’s size so he can look from the lookout tower. This tower is rather large  but so easy to put together and Blake plays with his constantly for the past year. 

Paw Patrol Vehicle Set

No lookout tower is complete without some pups and their vehicles. This set includes 3 pups and their vehicles. We own so many pups and vehicles that I had to narrow down the options for you. Both of the kids love their Paw Patrol Pups and vehicles.

Paw Patrol VTech Driver

This little driver is modeled after Ryder’s ATV. It is interactive and has led to lots of imaginative adventures here at our house. The handlebars turn, you can hear Ryder’s voice giving commands and use your turn signals as you play drive. 

Chase and Marshall Slippers

These slippers are super comfy and the perfect gift for your Paw Patrol loving toddler. Blake wears his around the house all the time and LOVES them.

Books for Toddler Boys

Goodnight, Little Blue Truck

The Little Blue Truck series is perfect for any little boy. This little book is a great bedtime read and what’s better than reading about a truck?

That’s Not My Dinosaur

Boys and dinosaurs…what could be more perfect. This book is so fun to read and has interactive touch-and-feel pages for your toddler. 

Rumble! Vroom! Zoom!

The perfect toddler boy sound book! Listen to all the sounds of the vehicles as you learn and read about them. 

Dinosaur Themed

Dinosaur Coin Bank

This gift is perfect for the dino loving toddler who is saving up his money. We are getting ready to start an allowance for Blake (super small amount) and this coin bank is perfect! Your toddler boy can have fun painting and saving up with this coin bank.

Dinosaur Play Sand Kit

What’s better than dinosaurs and sensory play? I love finding gifts that can double as perfect sensory play opportunities. This kit comes with everything you need for a dino sensory box! Great for any toddler who loves dinosaurs.

VTech Switch & Go Dinos

These toys are the coolest things ever! They switch from a vehicle to a dinosaur similar to a transformer. They are so much fun and make noises as well! Blake LOVES these!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Lego Police Jet

We love Legos and Duplos for imaginative play! This Lego set is perfect for the little boy who loves jets! I love how Legos piece together with other sets so well and allow for wonderful building creations!

Take-A-Part Airplane

How cool is this toy airplane! Your toddler can take it apart and put it back together with the tools provided. This the perfect gift if your little boy is like Blake and loves to build.

Busy City Train Set

Wooden train set have always made me feel nostalgic and like I’m sharing a toy from the past with my kids. I love wooden toys for their durability and open ended play. This train set is just the thing for that toddler who loves trains!

Thomas & Friends Pop-Up Tent

This pop-up tent is so much fun for little boys to have adventures in. Blake loves his tent and we often use it to place over his mattress for naptime (who says naptime can’t be fun?).

Wooden Race Track

What little boy doesn’t love playing with cars and racing? This wooden race track and car set is just the toy for you toddler. Play along with them and race to see which car is the fastest.

Monster Truck with Kinetic Sand

This set is so cool and just has rough n’ tough little boy written all over it! We just recently got Blake one of these monster truck sets and he literally played with it NON STOP for 2 days (I mean only wanted that toy for 2 days!!). What I love about this set is it comes with the sand and a case for the sand!

Tonka Dump Truck

Tonka trucks know where it’s at! Talk about durable and able to withstand the aggressive play of a boy…this is THAT toy! Tonka in my mind is synonymous with rugged! I just think of doing a Tim the Tool Man Taylor grunt when I see Tonka trucks. So, basically what I’m saying is get your boy a Tonka truck and let him have at it.

Big Toys as Toddler Boy Gifts

Balance Bike

Blake loves riding his balance bike all around and I love it too! The idea behind this bike is to teach toddlers to balance so that when they learn to ride they won’t need training wheels. If you have a active toddler then this is the perfect toddler boy gift to get!

Ride-Along Tractor with trailer

Blake has had so much fun with this tractor. It is battery operated and the battery can be recharged (we actually have 2 batteries to switch out). The battery life and power of this tractor are pretty good. We have it set to the lower speed and it is plenty fast for our speed demon. This is a definite toddler boy gift to give for any occasion.

Electric Dirtbike

Don’t be fooled by the age requirement for this dirtbike. It fits most 3 year olds pretty well with room to grow. Now, you may be hesitant to get your toddler boy an electric dirtbike but you would be surprised by how well they do (especially after using the balance bike). This is the perfect toddler boy gift for that little boy who has a need for speed.

Experiences as Toddler Boy Gifts

Instead of buying an item for you toddler as a gift how about giving the gift of experiences! Create some lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Zoo Park Pass

Buy tickets or a season pass to the zoo and take your little guy to see the lions, tiger and bears. He will love it, learn new things about animals and make some amazing memories.

Theme Park Pass

Is there a theme park or fun park area near you that has rides for toddlers? There are a few within a few hours of us that we can take our little guy to and he has loved it each time. This is also a gift that can grow with them as they get bigger and become a family tradition.

Museum Pass

Museums are becoming much more interactive for kids and are great places to take toddlers to explore. Getting them tickets to go visit life and science themed museums are a great way to build in a love for learning.

Go Karting

This one is a little tricky if your local go karting facility doesn’t offer 2 seat go karts. If they do then I guarantee you that your toddler is going to have a blast zipping around curves with you.

There are plenty of gift ideas out there waiting for your toddler. I hope this list has helped give you inspiration, ideas and a wonderful gift list for your toddler boy. Have fun shopping and treasure those sweet moments when you give him your gift and his little face lights up. 

What are your top toddler boy gift ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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