60 Things You Need to Declutter In Your Home!

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Do you feel like you are being smothered by all the clutter in your house? Is it hard to keep the house clean? You may need to declutter your home to help your house stay clean and be stress free!


I love waking up to a clean and organized home. It brings me such peace and joy and helps me start my morning out stress free. 

I didn’t always wake up feeling at peace with the condition of my home. There was a time (quite recently if I’m being honest)  before my 10 minute cleaning hack and daily chore routine that I would wake to a disaster.

It has taken some dedication, determination and organization to get to this place. I have had to really be diligent about setting up daily, morning and nightly routines to help keep myself accountable. The biggest thing I did to jump start this process was declutter!

It is just common sense…the less stuff you have to clean the easier it is to clean.

60 Things to Declutter Today pile of clothing

We are such a materialistic culture and it really shows by how much useless stuff we have that we never use. I am not a pack rat, I like to purge my closet about every 6 months. However, I still had a TON of stuff that I never used or needed.

Growing up we did a deep spring and fall cleaning where we would get rid of items we no longer used or needed. I really think this has followed me into adulthood and helped me immensely with the clutter.

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This clutter has become very apparent since having kids. Birthdays and Christmas are a clutter nightmare! I am really on the verge of asking for experiences or money for savings as gifts for my kids. Toys and kids clothes have such a short life span (especially when the kids are both 2 and under.) 

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Time to Declutter

To help have a clean house, I knew I first needed to declutter and minimize the amount of stuff I actually have to clean.

 I made a list of rooms/areas in my house that I knew needed a deep declutter. I found 60 things everyone should declutter today. You would be amazed at how much you actually end up getting rid of.

We had stuff that we haven’t touched since we got married almost 7 years ago.

Why on earth would I keep something I hadn’t touched in 7 years!

Therefore, my new rule is if it hasn’t been used, worn, touched or whatever in the past 6 months to a year then it needs to say farewell and find a new family  ( with the exception of little keepsake items). 

Here for your viewing pleasure and cleaning sanity is the list of 60 things you need to declutter today.

60 Things to Declutter Today


  1. Junk Drawer (you know you have at least 1)

2. Utensils and Silverware (any that are broken, never used or ones that you have multiple of. I had 4 potato peelers! Who needs 4?)

3. Tupperware

4. Cleaning Supplies (anything you don’t use or is expired)

5. Pantry (if you are like me, this one shouldn’t be bad because you organize it often)

6. Plastic Cups and Water bottles

7. Coffee Mugs

8. Drinking Glasses

9. Baking Ware

10. Random Kitchen Appliances i.e. crock pots, coffee pots, pressure cookers… (we had an ice cream maker that we use maybe once every other summer)

11. Dishes (bowls, plates and serving platters). 

12. Dishtowels

13. Oven Mitts

Living Room

14. Blankets

15. DVD/Blu Ray collection

16. Coffee Table/ End Table Collection (coasters, magazines, old candles or any other catch all items)


17. Clothing (We got rid of SO much that we hadn’t worn and probably won’t wear again)

pile of clothing folded to help declutter home

18. Shoes (I had a bunch of worn out shoes I was keeping around that just needed to say goodbye)

19. Underwear 

20. Socks (look for any with holes or mismatched and toss them)

21. Sheets & bed linens

22. Blanket Collection

23. Under Bed (whether you need to declutter the storage, suitcases, books or whatever is hidden under there).

24. Jewelry (I keep mine on my dresser and had so many missing earrings that I threw away.)

25. Pillows (It may be time to just replace them)

26. Nightstands (These are a catch-all in our house)

27. Hats, gloves, scarves and winter wear

28. Purses


29. Medicine Cabinet (Toss out anything that is expired)

30. Makeup

31. Perfumes/Cologne

32. Hair care products

33. Bath time soaps, bubble bath and such

34. Under the bathroom sink

35. Towels and washcloths

36. Any linens

Office Spaces

37. Desk Drawers

38. Pen/Pencil collection (any that don’t work or are broken need to say Aude).

39. Craft Supplies

40. Books

41. Power Cord collection

42. File Cabinet


43. Clothes (an easy way to store the outgrown clothes for kids later are these vacuum seal bags!)

44. Shoes

45. Underwear 

46. Socks

47. Toys

48. Bath Toys (for bathtub toy organization I have order this freestanding toy caddy. I’m excited to have some storage options that make cleaning easy and won’t fall off the wall.)

49. Pacifiers (Get rid of those that have seen better days)

50. Bottles

51. Books

52. Book-bags

Other Things To Declutter

53. Tools

54. Hobby Gear or Accessories

55. Gaming Systems and Accessories (My husband is bad in this area. He has old computer games from when he was a child that he is clinging tightly to)

56. Nail Polish 

57. Holiday Decor

58. Gift Bags and Wrapping ( I have a huge collection that I probably won’t use up for years)

59. Household Decor

60. Outdoor Decor

Some of my favorite organizational items to help keep clutter in check

Now what in the world do you do with all the items you have after decluttering? 

I try to sell some of the nicer and bigger items to make a little extra cash. However, most of the time I find a charity to donate them to.

Giving items to Goodwill isn’t always my first go to, since they tend to just make a profit off of my charity. I tend to find a non-profit charity or people at church who need the items I am getting rid of. Do whatever works best for you!

Ebay, facebook marketplace and Poshmark are all good places to start if you are interested in selling your used items or have an old fashioned yard sale!

There you have it! A list of 60 things you need to declutter today. Good luck in you decluttering endeavours! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Finally, it may be wise to declutter the kids stuff when they aren’t around to protest every farewell! Maybe even use it as an opportunity to teach a lesson in charity and giving to those who may need the items more than they do.

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