10 Minute Cleaning Hack for a Tidy House

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I love seeing my house all tidy and clean. But… I hate cleaning! It very rarely brings me joy. I realize, however, it is something I must do because the results bring me joy. I found the perfect way for me to achieve this joy with my 10 minute cleaning hack!

Growing up I lived in an immaculately clean house. All of us had chores we did daily to help keep it that way. My mom LOVES having a clean house and is one of those people who enjoys cleaning.

She always made sure our house was kept clean and tidy no matter if someone was coming over or not. It was important for the house to be clean on a daily basis. I would love to say I inherited my mother’s knack for cleaning but sadly I didn’t.

She makes cleaning look so easy and effortless when in fact it takes a lot of effort! The cleanliness of our home didn’t go unnoticed either.

We had a friend who joked that if we were homeless and lived in a cardboard box that it would still be the cleanest home around. I loved growing up in a home where cleaning was prioritized. It definitely made for a warm, inviting and homey atmosphere. 

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10 Minute Cleaning Hack timer, laundry basket and cleaning supplies.

Why does it matter if my house is tidy?

Because, having a clean house makes you feel less stressed and brings peace to everyone in the household. There is something about seeing a clean home that just makes you feel relaxed and cozy

But, like I said, I hate cleaning.

It is a chore and it is annoying to me. I do it because I have to and because I like order and organization. Since having kids (especially a wild 2 year old) it is harder and harder to keep my house clean. I’ve had to figure out ways to not only get cleaning done but to motivate myself to continue to clean as I watch a human tornado destroy all my hard work.


You mommas know the moment all too well by now!

The kitchen is finally clean and looking AMAZING! You enter into the bedroom to see what looks like a war torn area full of scattered toys, goldfish sprinkled and crushed on the floor, perhaps some clothing ripped out of the drawers as well. You just got done cleaning! And now here is a nightmare of a mess! 

Sound familiar?

I have always loved a good challenge and consider myself to be a competitive individual. Keeping my house clean has definitely become a challenge (see above!!).

Recently, I felt like I was drowning in the chaos of the mess. I knew I needed to find a way out. 

The 10 minute Cleaning Idea!

Growing up one of the ways my dad got us to clean up was to turn it into a competition. Sometimes it was a competition between me and my siblings as to who could clean the most. But most of the time it was a race against the clock. He would give us a time limit to complete the task by. As you can imagine our little kid selves would speed around and clean like crazy to win!

I decided to give this same concept a try but with an adult twist. I took a kitchen timer out one day and decided I would give myself a 10 minute time limit to clean as much of each room/area as I possibly could. This idea came to me in a moment of boredom and sheer desperation with cleaning one day.

Little did I anticipate that I would find the secret to keeping the house tidy and clean. 

The secret being my 10 minute timer!!

10 minute cleaning timer
My timer for my 10 minute cleaning countdown

The first few days I had to do several rotations of 10 minutes to get everything clean like I wanted it. I had let clutter pile up and had to do some serious decluttering.

I started by going through every room/area in the house getting rid of LOTS of clutter. It was so freeing to say goodbye to the clutter and it means less for me to tidy later on. 

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Easy Success to a Tidy Home

Now, however, I am able to tidy every room/area in my house in 10 minutes or less.

I also started making a weekly cleaning routine to incorporate the big chores like vacuuming, mopping and such.

Between these two methods I am able to feel accomplished in my cleaning. Plus, I can relax more on the weekends without stressing over the mess.

How It Works

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes and start cleaning the area/room
  • When the timer starts beeping I finish up whatever task I’m doing.
  • Move on and repeat until every area in the house has been cleaned.

If I have time later in the day I will go back through and finish up whatever is left in each area. But only if I really feel like it haha. Most of the time 10 minutes is all it takes to keep the area looking tidy throughout the day

If I finish cleaning before time runs out then I find something in the room to clean in a more thorough way.

 For example, I might wipe down all the cabinets in the kitchen. Or I might clean under the bed in the bedrooms. I don’t start anything that I know will take me a long time.

10 Minute Cleaning Method for the WIN!

This method is my “keep the house looking tidy” method and it has been working wonders. I can devote 10 minutes at a time to cleaning and still stop to take care of kiddos without feeling defeated.

There you have it…my 10 minute cleaning hack that helps keep my house looking tidy. There are still days where my toddler has come through like the Tasmanian devil and destroyed all my hard work. But, for the most part I can keep main viewing areas tidy on the daily with this new cleaning method. 

Some Kitchen Timers to Get You Started…

Hope this helps you out like it has me. If you hate cleaning then try to find new and fun ways to get the task done. What are your tricks for getting the cleaning done? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Love this idea! 10 minutes seems so much more manageable and less intimidating than spending hours upon hours cleaning. I can handle 10 minutes of cleaning here and there. Haha! Gotta give this method a try! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Morgan P

      Right!? So glad this can help you! It has been huge for me. I even spend 10 minutes after putting the kids to bed doing a quick tidy of the whole house to reset for the next day. Best of luck in your cleaning adventures!

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